How would you like your audience to “experience” you? Every single interaction that others have with you or your business across every platform and contact point influences this. Your new luxury branding will convey distinctive verbal and visual elements, which works together to position you as influential, credible and authoritative. Defining what your brand stands for, telling a strong story and powerfully communicating your values will leave a lasting positive impression on your target audience.

Our extensive research into your aspirations, competitors, industry and audience will give us unique insights. Your new or improved luxury brand identity will instantly establish more authority in your industry and build a raving fan-base who’ll follow you and tell everyone they know about you. Our clients are regularly featured on the most prominent media channels in the world. They consistently and predictably grow their audience and income and build lifetime partnerships with other influential brands in their space. Are you ready to do the same?



Imagine looking at your brand-new website with pride. It’s easy to get excited when the world is finally going to see you in the way you’ve always wanted to be seen. A cutting-edge interactive experience with beautiful design is what you deserve. Your mobile responsive website will be clean, delightful to use, impactful and in any language or even multi-lingual for different countries. When you have the perfect blend between great technical setup, search engine optimization and beautiful strategic design and user journey, great things start to happen.

You now engage your viewers and convey your offering and brand messages to them from their perspective. Your supercharged website gives you an unfair advantage and performs better than 99% of the competition. You’ll get many more visitors to your website, and they’ll have a tremendously positive experience. Your website will help gain their trust, which makes them tell everyone they know about you. You’ll be positioned to achieve powerful outcomes, whether this is showcasing your latest awards or achievements, increasing book or music sales, launching products, updates on your latest royal engagements or more. What would you most like to achieve?




Do you need a graphic design agency that can cover any print or digital design assets you or your business need? It’s not always easy to find a reliable, professional and world-class design team who understand exactly what you need. The good news is you have discovered Society d’Or, a luxury branding and graphic design agency, so get ready to be delighted with the results whether its print and marketing or digital design.

Our print and marketing design is featured in the most well-known publications in the world. You’ll see compelling, competent and professional designs, that are consistent with your current branding (whether we created it or not) and which convey a strong, focused message to your audience. They will seamlessly fit within your marketing strategy and achieve exactly what you want them to. You’ll gain the benefit of years of premium design experience as we work with you to understand and incorporate your branding across a wide range of printed materials, from stationery and business cards to marketing materials such as leaflets, brochures, magazine adverts. When your audience sees your designs, they’ll recognise and remember you positively and powerfully.

Do you need digital design so you can use the internet to grow your brand, or achieve a specific objective such as launch a product or market a service? Let us create your graphics for any digital use, from email campaigns, online presentations, video showreels, social media imagery and animation, art and more. As an elite client, you must have the most creative, bold and beautiful digital experiences that make people desperate for more. You’ll become what people are interested in and talking about as you create long-lasting connections with your audience.


marketing & PR

Do you think you could be getting better results than you’re currently getting from your advertising and marketing? Would you like to know how to find the perfect audience for your products/services or brand? Does the possibility of generating more revenue and sales from existing customers excite you? To reach and appeal to your target audience these days, you must be creative. You must be different. What you say in your marketing and how you say it is far more important than the marketing medium you use to say it. There has been a massive shift from the old marketing of advertising and interruption to the world we live in today. Brands today are still led to believe that all they have to do to grow their audience or business is to create some attention-grabbing form of marketing, and they will generate leads at will. Yet marketing doesn’t have to mean shouting, manipulation and tricks. You can be proud of your marketing when it is approached in an ethical, generous and effective way. You’ll save money, save time and grow your audience using strategies we use for clients around the world.

Would you like to work with a strategic mastermind team with years of experience working with the top 1% in your industry and region? Let’s start capturing the attention of your target market. Help them recognise the real value of your product or service while lowering the risk of them taking the next step in the buying process. When you contact us today, you’ll be on your way to telling stories to make change happen. You’ll get clients, gain market share and provide value to your audience. Your service or product will be powerfully positioned as you communicate in ways that resonate and spread. Great marketing makes you the only choice versus your competitors. It helps you see opportunities to create value in the marketplace and develop products and services your audience will talk about and tell everyone they know about.


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